The Holy Stone F181 Drone Attracts Attention and Awards

The Holy Stone F181 Drone Attracts Attention and Awards

The consumer drone market has never been richer with appealing options and excellent choices for enthusiasts of every type and skill level. While many websites tend to focus on either high-end, quasi-professional units or entry-level ones, there is a great deal of interest in drones that occupy the middle of the price scale.

In fact, this segment of the market is likely the most important of all for the overall health of the industry, as it is where hobbyists look once they have decided that there is more to be explored. Having recently received the title of “Best drone under 200” from one popular website, the Holy Stone F181 Quadcopter is a product that many will be interested in flying.

An Affordable First Person View Drone with Many Desirable Features

Entry-level drones tend to offer relatively stripped down experiences that emphasize easiness of flying, ruggedness, and other features that benefit beginners. As a result, many novices end up with a relatively limited view regarding what the hobby has to offer.

Stepping up to a drone that costs a bit more will typically allow someone who has gained some skills to start looking into the available options. One upgraded feature that many find especially appealing is the ability to see what a drone does, in real time, while piloting it from the ground.

Drones with first person view, or FPV, capabilities consistently make for some of the most rewarding upgrades for intermediates. The Holy Stone F181 has quickly amassed a reputation as being perhaps the best example of this of all.

Everything an Intermediate Pilot Could Want When It Comes to FPV Flight

The F181 excels in this respect by coupling plenty of well designed, advanced features with the types of creature comforts that instill confidence in pilots who are still developing their skills. Especially bright LED tracking lights help operators correlate live, first-person video feeds with what they see personally floating above them in the sky.

Other features like a built-in cooling system make the F181 an even easier drone to live with. By adding in advanced features like FPV while still remaining a comfortable, confidence inspiring drone to fly, the F181 presents a package that will appeal to a great many intermediates.

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